Best Shampoos Dan Conditioners, Based On Celebrity Hair Textures

When it comes to hair, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all process.

Each person’s hair has its own needs, based on their hair texture and desired styling. To be honest, no matter your texture, you probably wouldn’t know which shampoo and conditioner to buy from walking down the beauty aisle. It’s a personal purchase, and marketing and advertising don’t offer individualized solutions. 

For celebrity hairstylists, shampoos and conditioners provide the foundation to great styling (similar to the effect cleanser and moisturizer have on makeup). So, finding these products right are a must. And, it’s impossible to do without considering the star’s natural hair texture.

Thankfully, celeb-loved hairstylists are more than willing to share their client’s hair texture and the products that help to create their red carpet-worthy hair, so you can buy your shampoo with confidence.

The first step: Use the chart above to determine your hair texture. (One to four ranges from straight, to wavy, to curly, to kinky. The ABCs indicate the level of texture. For instance, if you’re a 1B like Kathryn Newton, you have moderately-straight hair, or you’re a 1C like Jamie Chung, you have straight-to-wavy hair). Then, scroll down to find the shampoo and conditioner that will work best for you.

Cheers to beautiful hair!

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