Denim Defiance: Kendall Jenner Broke The Rules So You Could, Too

The moment Kendall Jenner bared her legs in a pair of denim shorts at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival—all dress codes became forever extinct.

The convention that traditionally casual fabrics, like denim, be reserved for the street came to a crashing halt. With the supermodel’s non-conformist cutoffs at the helm the movement, the former fashion faux pas became a red-carpet norm. While the reality-TV star sparked major dialogue and praise, marking the end of the taboo was not a single-handed endeavor.

Celebrities from Katy Perry to Kate Hudson graced formal events, risking ridicule with their acts of denim defiance. Take careful note, to see how each of these celebrities made sure to elevate their denim with embroidery, accessories and matching stilettos, to always avoid feeling undressed.   

If Bella Hadid and Naya Rivera‘s love for coordinating denims is too bold for you, get inspired by Amanda Seyfried‘s simply stated denim.  

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