‘Star Wars Rebels’ Blasts Toward Series Finale

Although “Rebels” plays on a children’s network, there are a fair number of adults in its weekly audience. Still, bringing the program to a satisfying conclusion — without dispatching key characters fighting against the Empire in a manner that puts kids on a therapist’s couch — does represent a challenge.
“It is quite a puzzle,” Filoni said. “Technically, our show wouldn’t seem to be coming to a conclusion when things are that great in the galaxy.”
Without giving anything away, he added, “The ending works as it’s meant to. One of George’s main things about ‘Star Wars’ is it is a story about hope. … I tried to stick to those themes.”
“Rebels” will actually take a break in its 16-episode season in late November, as Lucasfilm focuses attention on the live-action sequel “The Last Jedi.” The series will return with its final flurry of episodes early next year, when people will likely be hungry for more “Star Wars”-related content.
Certainly, this is a boom time for fans, but “Rebels'” finish also raises questions about where “Star Wars” animation goes next. The company has already sought to demonstrate its versatility by branching into shorts and online content, and Filoni sees plenty of room to operate, with a cinematic universe big enough to accommodate all kinds of storytelling.
“It’s almost limitless,” he said. “For me, it’s kind of self-serving, because I want to keep working. Hopefully, we can apply this in different areas and different stories going forward for years to come.”
“Star Wars Rebels” airs Mondays multiple times on Disney XD.



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