23 Extraordinary Red Carpet Outfits To Inspire Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to be fearless in the way you dress.

Picking out a costume is exciting because you have the power to be anything! If you’re struggling to find inspiration, look no further. Over the years, celebrities are known to use the red carpet as an opportunity to dress in something unexpected. If you’re not among the A-listers, however, Halloween provides an opportunity to do something different and be bold without fear judgment.

FromKaty Perry‘s out-of-this-world angel wings to Lil’ Kim‘s mermaid-inspired jumpsuit, red carpet moments make for memorable Halloween costumes. If you’re looking for something crazy, go with Lady Gaga‘s meat dress. Looking for a sexy style? Miley‘s barely-there crystal get-up is the way to go. 

Scroll through to see more of the red carpet looks that could double as your Halloween costume!

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