50 Fascinating Facts About Jennifer Aniston: Her Goth Phase, Her Secret On-Set Crushes And That Infamous Haircut

America’s Sweetheart is feeling “fantastic” at 50.

Jennifer Aniston, the ultimate Hollywood girl next door, turns 50 on Feb. 11, and when looking at reaching the half-century milestone during a recent appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, the superstar seemed excited. “I feel fantastic,” she told her friend.

And why wouldn’t she? The Friends star has lived quite the life, achieving huge career goals (She is one of the highest paid women on TV ever, thank you very much), experiencing several high-profile romances (And she considers her marriages all be “successful” despite ending in divorce), and enduring almost unimaginable scrutiny on her private life. And guess what? She’s still standing…and smiling. 

Despite her split from husband Justin Theroux in February 2018, with the official announcement coming just days after her 49th birthday, Aniston rang in the New Year with just a few of her many famous friends, including Jason Batemen, Jimmy Kimmel and Sandra Bullock. And the group’s skiing trip to Jackson Hole seemed to be setting the tone for 2019 for the actress and producer, as our source us, “Jen seemed relaxed and in her element. She was with her closest friends and very happy.”

In honor of the beloved star who has kept us laughing ever since she entered Central Perk in her wedding dress in 1994 turning 50, we’re gifting you with 50 fascinating and fun facts about Aniston…


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