A Tribute To Ashlee Simpson-Ross And Jessica Simpson’s Seriously Sweet Sister Moments!

Ashlee Simpson-Ross and Jessica Simpson each have had illustrious careers in Hollywood. Who doesn’t know all of the words to “Pieces of Me” and “With You,” right?

Thankfully, on their journey to success, the Simpson sisters haven’t had to sacrifice their special bond. And, despite having different fashion and music styles, the twosome couldn’t be closer.

Case in point: both Ashlee and Jessica make it a point to celebrate each other on social media. From birthday shout outs to National Sibling Day tribute posts, the two singers turned actresses really celebrate their loving relationship!

While fans will get a taste of Ashlee’s private life through her new E! docu-series ASHLEE+EVAN, you can take a closer look at her bond with Jessica in the gallery below.

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