Amy Schumer Takes On Self-esteem Issues In ‘I Feel Pretty’

“You don’t really care how the world sees you,” Ethan tells Renee early in their relationship, which is of course the opposite of where she is, but rather where she’s heading.
The movie does receive a welcome shot of adrenaline from Michelle Williams as the heiress to the cosmetics empire (Lauren Hutton pops in as her grandma), whose Barbie-esque appearance is balanced by self-consciousness about her high-pitched voice. In that regard, “I Feel Pretty” endeavors to note that insecurity can prey upon anyone, including those who outwardly seem to have it all.
The criticism notwithstanding, that part of the movie showcases more heart from Schumer than we’ve seen in some of her previous vehicles, while employing a slightly toned-down approach that avoided an “R” rating. Yet while there’s a good deal to like about “I Feel Pretty,” one needn’t have experienced a head blow to be unable to completely overlook its flaws.
“I Feel Pretty” opens April 20 in the U.S. It’s rated PG-13.


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