Andrew Lincoln’s The Walking Dead Exit And The Best And Worst Ways Actors Leave TV Shows

The Walking Dead said goodbye to Andrew Lincoln and his character, Rick Grimes, in an explosive farewell episodeā€¦that turns out isn’t really goodbye.

After the Sunday, Nov. 4 episode aired, AMC announced Lincoln will star in three TV movies as Rick Grimes, continuing the character’s story after the events of his final episode, season nine’s “What Comes After.”

In his final The Walking Dead episode (but not final outing as Rick Grimes), Lincoln’s character was wounded, hallucinated conversations with dead friends and saved the day for his friends and family. They thought he died in the process, but he was rescued and whisked away in a helicopter to mysterious location full of, what we assume are mysterious and potentially dangerous people.

It would’ve been a vague and mysterious exit, one that would allow fans to dream up their own future for Rick Grimes, but immediately announcing three movies featuring the character cheapened the farewell.

Losing a lead actor is never easy for a TV show, and some have handled the exits better than others. Read on below.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays, 9 p.m. on AMC.


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