‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Delivers Spectacle Worthy Of Giant Hype

Then again, the filmmakers derive much of the fun from creatively pairing characters in unexpected ways, yielding a good deal of comedy to lighten the operatic highs, which range from noble sacrifice to the lingering peril of wanton death and destruction.
What “Infinity War” accomplishes, with surprising ease, is complete immersion in this elaborate world, reflecting how deft Marvel has been in assembling it. Where Superman promised “You will believe a man can fly” 40 years ago, the Marvel universe has made talking raccoons and villains that instantly travel across the galaxy seem wholly organic.
Without giving anything away, the ending could be polarizing, but it’s built in part on the trust Marvel enjoys with its fan base, established through the long game the company plays with its interlocking series of movies.
Besides, if everyone leaves the theater in complete agreement, from a storytelling perspective, you’re probably not trying hard enough. And it’s worth remembering the next Avengers sequel has already been announced for a little over a year from now.
Marvel and Disney’s accountants likely still haven’t shed their euphoria over “Black Panther” receipts, and whatever the quibbles, this won’t do anything to quell anticipation for what comes next.
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With another record-breaking haul in sight, hese 2018 titles merely underscore the laps that parent Disney’s movie arm appears to be running around the rest of the industry, not just with Marvel, but the acquisition of Lucasfilm and its own library. (Disclosure: My wife works for a division of Disney.)
Granted, nitpicking and grousing can go with trying to satisfy such an ardent fan base, but the benefit lies in having movies in which people feel heavily invested and are clamoring to see. In today’s theatrical environment, that’s the definition of a high-class problem.
“Avengers: Infinity War” opens April 27. It’s rated PG-13.

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