Barbra Streisand Failed Her Driving Test Three Times

Corden teased her by saying, “It’s the easiest test in the world. It’s literally like, ‘what does green mean?'”
Streisand also recounted the moment that finally made her give up driving.
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“I’ve been driving for a long time but I haven’t driven recently because my mind is twirling and sometimes — well, not any more on the phone but it used to be — when I would talk, think, write and I found myself turning into an up ramp of a highway and the cars were coming down and I thought, ‘that’s it, I’m not driving anymore.'”
    That didn’t stop Streisand from getting back in the driver’s seat for the sake of belting out some of her classics.
    But just to be safe, we’ll steer clear of Streisand if we see her on the 405.


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