Before We Talk Too Much About Rebooting Gossip Girl, Let’s Revisit The Original Couples

The CW isn’t “there yet” when it comes to a Gossip Girl reboot, and honestly, after thinking about it…neither are we.

Why reboot when we’ve got six seasons still to obsess over, a whole bunch of couples to argue about, and seven years of post-Gossip Girl careers to follow? Maybe in a couple years, we’ll be fully ready for a Gossip Girl who’s fluent in Instagram filters with the entire world at their fingertips on their way to Fyre Fest, but for now, we’re here to look back upon the couples we’ll never forget, reboot or no reboot, even if we’ve already made ourselves forget how it all ended the first time.  

(Dan as Gossip Girl? Dan?! We’re still trying to wrap our head around that one.) 

Back in 2015, we went through and ranked the show’s 30-some significant couples, and it’s clearly time to revisit them once again. 

If you don’t agree, well, we didn’t ask you. XOXO, The TV Team



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