‘Better Call Saul’ Keeps Adding Layers With New Batch Of Episodes

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It’s something of a common refrain (at least from this critic) that “Better Call Saul” can’t be sustained indefinitely without running out of narrative real estate. For now, though, the series — already renewed for a fifth year — has exceeded expectations, with creators Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould and their team tapping into the reservoir of dark humor, surprising twists and visual storytelling that made “Breaking Bad” so compelling, albeit without rising to that level.
The show remains a signature franchise for AMC, so much so that the network is pairing its return with a new drama, “Lodge 49,” a series about a directionless surfer who stumbles onto a strange fraternal order that may hold the clue to putting his life back on track. The show strives to be whimsical but feels so weightless there’s little incentive to stick around long enough to find out — an unwitting endorsement, in a way, of the fine line that “Better Call Saul” navigates.
Granted, the first three episodes don’t provide much of a road map for where this season is heading, but they do set up a number of juicy possibilities. And if “Better Call Saul” viewers have learned anything, it’s not to fret too much about where — and when — the show will wind up, but rather to sit back and say, “It’s all good, man.”
“Better Call Saul” premieres Aug. 6 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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