Caitlyn Jenner Thinks Kendall Jenner Could Win An Oscar

Will we one day see Kendall Jenner take the stage to accept an Academy Award? Caitlyn Jenner sure thinks so!

While attending Vanity Fair‘s 2019 Oscars after-party on Sunday night alongside Sophia Hutchins, the Olympic athlete shared her hope for her 23-year-old model daughter’s future. During her chat with E! News’ Hunter March on the red carpet, Caitlyn dished on which family member she believes could win an Oscar.

“Honestly, I think it would be Kendall,” Caitlyn said. “If you’ve noticed all the things that she’s done on-camera, outside of the show, she’s just been brilliant.”

Caitlyn went on to explain that every time she watches Kendall perform there’s a “sparkle” in her face.

“She’s so good at what she does,” Caitlyn told E! News. “I don’t know if she wants to do [acting] yet, ’cause she’s so successful at modeling. But at some point, I think she should do that, and I think she’d be very good at it.”

Shortly after her interview with E! News, Caitlyn struck a pose on the red carpet alongside Kendall, who turned heads in her risqué halter dress.

Take a look at the interview above to see Caitlyn talk more about her family and reveal how many grandchildren she wants!



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