Donald Glover Spoofs Kanye West With A A Kanye Place Video On SNL

If you can’t stand the heat, get off of the Twitter…

Last night, Saturday Night Live spoofed the hit film A Quiet Place and rapper Kanye West‘s sensational week in the media. In the video sketch host Donald Glover was in a group trying to stay quiet so that monsters couldn’t eat them (ya know…like the movie). But alas, Glover was affixed to his phone so when he started to see and then read aloud Yeezy’s tweet storm from earlier this week, the group couldn’t keep their mouths shut. Lucky for the monsters, not so much for the group…

At one point, the crew notices on social media that Kanye’s at Chrissy Teigen‘s baby shower for baby No. 2.

A group member yells, “Leave Chrissy Teigen out of this!”

Aidy Bryant hears one of ‘Ye’s raps right before the phone gets chucked into the corn field, needing to know if she did in fact hear the correct rhyme, she runs after the phone into the darkness and whispers, “I need to know if he said poopity scoop!”

Moments later she retrieves the phone and yells, “He said poopity scoop!” 

And that’s when she got got. But she’s not the only one.

Looks like a lot of deaths by Kanye…

Earlier this week, Kanye had the country yelling with his tweets and his appearance on TMZ Live. During his headline-making stop, the MAGA hat-wearing father of three said a variety things that got people talking (and even screaming, like that he thought “slavery was a choice,” the claim that he’d gotten liposuction after his wedding and become addicted to opioids. 

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