Every Time Rihanna’s Entire Existence Was A Big Mood

There’s a new challenge going ’round the internet that goes a little something like this:

You open up Google and type in Rihanna‘s name followed by the month and day of your birth. And the corresponding photos that your search yields are like your own Rihanna-approved horoscope, with the outfit you get supposedly being the perfect match to your overall vibe. And the thing is, it kinda works. Go ahead and try it. We’ll wait.

Welcome back. And see what we mean? There’s a Rihanna lewk out there for everyone. 

But more to the point, the challenge has become such an internet sensation because there’s never a moment that Rihanna isn’t slaying the game. Period. End of story.

And just like Rih’s fashion game is always on point, so is every other aspect of her life. Her music? Fire. Her businesses? Making millions while changing the game in terms of inclusivity. Her love life? Landed herself a billionaire and yet he seems like the lucky one. Her humanitarianism? Unparalleled. And her personality? Talk about BDE.

In honor of Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the pride of Barbados’, 31st birthday on Wednesday, Feb. 20, we thought we’d celebrate her the best way we know how: By shining a spotlight on each and every time her entire existence had us all living. And don’t get it twisted, she wasn’t lying when she said we needed her.

Happy birthday, RiRi!


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