Fans On Selena Gomez Watch In Wake Of Bieber Engagement

Now the singer is engaged to Baldwin and along with the well wishes, there’s been plenty of mourning for #Jelena as the Bieber/Gomez relationship was dubbed on social media.
Some fans saw a “Friends” parallel.
“Justin bieber is ross, selena gomez is rachel, and hailey baldwin is emily,” the fan tweeted. “Thank you for coming to this ted talk.”
That, of course, refers to the now famous triangle on “Friends” where Ross was madly in love with Rachel, but married Emily, only to later reunite with his true love, Rachel.
All the attention makes sense as both Bieber and Gomez have talked about their relationship in the past and admitted that each has been inspiration for music for the other.
In 2015 she talked to V magazine about Bieber being her first love.
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“When you’re young and you’re being told so many different things,” she said. “It almost felt like all we had was each other, like the world was against us, in a way.”
Gomez hasn’t said anything publicly about the engagement and hasn’t posted on social media since four days before the news broke.


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