Fans Tune Into ‘Harry Dan Meghan’ Lifetime Movie

‘Harry & Meghan’ gives ‘A Royal Romance’ requisite Lifetime movie
That meant the writers could … have their way with the facts, including how close Prince Harry and Markle, an American actress, grew on one of their early dates, which was actually a vacation in Botswana.
Lifetime movies, of course, are known for getting panned on Twitter so suffice it to say, those who found it to be a less than stunning production weighed on the popular social media platform.
But even those who thought the made-for-TV movie was pretty “cheesy” seemed to stick with it, with one Twitter user saying it was just as bad as she expected but she still couldn’t “look awayyyyyyy.”
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All in all, the TV movie appeared to be a success with those who tuned in Sunday night.
“I can no longer tell FakeHarry and FakeMeghan from #harryandmeghan,” one viewer tweeted. “So, well done #ARoyalRomance.”


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