‘Finally’: R. Kelly Indictment Has Been A Long Time Coming For Many

R. Kelly has been indicted, sources say
A grand jury was convened in Cook County earlier this month in connection with new allegations against Kelly, two sources close to the case told CNN.
That came on the heels of attorney Michael Avenatti announcing he had handed over to the State’s Attorney’s Office a videotape that he said showed Kelly having sex with an underage girl.
CNN has seen the VHS tape that appears to show Kelly having sex with a girl who refers to her body parts as 14 years old.
Steve Greenberg, an attorney for Kelly, told CNN earlier this month he had not been notified of a grand jury. After being asked about the new tape, he said separately he and his colleagues were unaware of any new information involving Kelly.
It’s been more than a decade since the singer was acquitted of charges related to child pornography resulting from the anonymously sent videotape of him appearing to have sex with a young girl.
R. Kelly scandal: A timeline
Kelly has maintained his innocence over the years in regards to that case and other allegations of sexual misconduct.
Calls to have him investigated and charged intensified in January, after Lifetime aired its six-part “Surviving R. Kelly,” which outlines a history of sexual misconduct allegations against the singer.
Tamara Simmons, one of the producers of the docuseries, told CNN Kelly’s indictment was a long time coming.
“I have been waiting for so long,” Simmons told CNN’s Sara Sidner. “I have lived with this and listening to these survivors’ stories, and I have been waiting for so long.”
Many on social media expressed similar sentiment.
    There was also a sense from many that Kelly could go to prison this time.
    “I’m taking off work when R Kelly goes to jail,” writer David Dennis Jr. tweeted.

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