‘Flack’ Pops Crisis-PR Bubble With Timely Dramedy

The firm features a colorful assortment of personalities, none better than Sophie Okonedo as Robyn’s ruthless boss, Caroline. Her whatever-works mentality — which includes finding a female date for a gay-rights event, never mind that she isn’t a lesbian — is mirrored by hard-partying colleague Eve (Lydia Wilson), while a wide-eyed intern (Rebecca Benson) presents a grounded counterpoint to the absurdities these veterans of the PR wars accept without batting an eyelash.
“The world keeps turning,” Caroline says during one of the quieter moments. “We just help push.”
“Flack” certainly does its share of pushing, but more importantly it pulls you in, and reels you along through its six playfully salacious episodes.
    This is a conceit that’s obviously been explored multiple times, just usually not very well. Owned by CBS, Pop has achieved modest successes with its forays into original programming (see “Schitt’s Creek”), but this represents its most polished offering to date, serving as a reminder that in this age of international TV production, a binge-worthy show can, er, pop up anywhere.
    “Flack” premieres Feb. 21 at 9 p.m. on Pop TV.

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