French Montana Drops ‘Famous’ Remix With Adam Levine

“I feel like every woman and child deserves the right healthcare. It shouldn’t be a privilege it should be a right,” Montana said
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The Grammy-nominated rapper was inspired to help raise funds for the Suubi Center after a trip to Uganda in 2017. That’s when he launched his #Unforgettable Healthcare Campaign, in partnership with Global Citizen’s #2BSTRONG Campaign and Mama Hope, a US-based non-proft organization.
Seen first on CNN, Montana also premiered a music video for the singer, which features the Triplets Ghetto Kids, a children’s dance group from Uganda. The dancers were also featured in Montana’s music video for “Unforgettable” last year.
“They are like my sons, my daughters, They’ve got a big spot in my heart … and I just feel proud of them. They killed it, they danced, they did the choreography,” Montana said.
The Moroccan-born rapper, who grew up in the South Bronx, also recently became a US citizen. He said immigration will be a major theme on his album, which is set to drop in six weeks.
“Becoming a US citizen has been a long process for me. Since I first came to the US I had a student visa that had expired and it’s always been a back and forth thing, ” he said. “But honestly, it’s a privilege because it really showed me this is the land where dreams come true.”


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