From Adam Rippon To Zazie Beetz: The A-Z Guide To Everyone And Everything We Discovered In 2018

Pop culture is all about the joy of the discovery.

Think about it. There’s nothing better than unearthing something new, something fresh, something you’ve literally never seen or heard before and watching as the world opens up its eyes and lets that thing seriously break big. And 2018 was all about discoveries. 

Whether it was a workhorse actress finally getting her due or an Olympian becoming a global icon, a talking point that haunted the A Star Is Born press tour or the latest meme to divide the internet, there was so much to be discovered. If 2016 was the year of realizing stuff, then 2018 was the year of discovering things—ya dig?

So before we say head into 2019 and all these things inevitably get overexposed—that is, if they aren’t already teetering on the brink already—let’s take one last look at all that we learned about, obsessed over, and, at times, cringed at this year.

We humbly present our handy A-Z guide of everyone and everything we discovered in 2018!



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