From Peeing All Over Herself To Eating Placenta: All The Times Chrissy Teigen Gave Us More Than We Bargained For In 2018

Chrissy Teigen just might be the perfect celebrity.

She’s one-half of one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood. (Hi, John Legend! We love you, too!) She’s glamorous. She’s multi-faceted. (You find us another Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model who’s also penned two cookbooks full of mouth-watering comfort food recipes. Go on, we’ll wait.) She’s hilarious. And, most importantly of all, she’s a damn open book.

There are very few celebs who approach life and their careers with as much refreshing candor as Chrissy does. And if you aren’t following the Lip Sync Battle co-host, who’s celebrating a birthday Friday, Nov. 30, on Twitter or Instagram yet, you are truly missing out. Whether she’s tweeting up a storm about her beloved Bravo shows or sharing an IG photo that reminds us she’s relatable AF despite being, you know, a supermodel or turning in one of her endlessly entertaining talk show appearances, she never fails to live up to her credo that nothing is off limits and everything is fair game.

In honor of Chrissy’s big day, let’s look back on all the moments this year that she had us rolling on the floor with laughter while wondering if there’s even such a thing as TMI in her world.

Happy birthday, Chrissy!



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