Get Ready To Work, Work, Work, Work, Work Because It’s Rihanna’s Birthday Dan We’re Voting On Her Best Music Videos

Bad girl RiRi is turning 31 years old! Yes, you read that right, Rihanna is 31 today.

The Barbados native has had a long music career and we’ve loved every second of it which is why we are so happy to talk about the singer and honor her on her birthday.

After eight albums there have been a lot of killer tracks from the birthday girl, which is why it wasn’t exactly easy to narrow down the artist’s best songs and music videos. Beginning in 2005 with Music of the Sun and through her 2016 album Anti, Rihanna has wowed us with her evolution as an artist.

As we wait for her highly-anticipated ninth album to drop this year, we’re looking back at all of the epic music videos she’s released to correlate with all of her tunes throughout the years.

Seriously, there are so many good ones to choose from.  

Now that it’s her birthday, what better time to ask you to weigh in on which of her best music videos is the top of the top?

While the “Kiss It Better” singer has a lot of good music videos, there are 15 that reign supreme (at least in our minds) and we want you to vote for the one you love most.

As we wish a happy birthday to Rihanna you can re-watch all of the videos below.

Make sure to vote once your done and maybe put on your dancing shoes, because you will definitely be inspired to bust a move after seeing RiRi kill it video after video!


Rihanna in space? Yes, please! The video for “Sledgehammer” is like a gorgeous trip into an unknown galaxy complete with the singer standing like a goddess as fighter ships from Star Trek fly around her before you see her getting in touch with nature including flying rocks and magical lights.

“Work” feat. Drake

The artist rolls up to a wild club to kick off this video and she brings it on the dance floor as everyone couples up and “works it” as she sings and has a blast partying. Drake also shows up at the party and smokes with friends before joining her on the dance floor. It’s definitely a sexy video and the heat continually rises with every move.

“Stay” feat. Mikky Ekko

“Stay” is a much simpler video but it is very vulnerable on the artist’s part. Throughout the clip you see Rihanna lying in a tub as she tries to deal with her current love issues. She wants her boyfriend to stay, but despite her pleas he won’t. It’s heartbreaking really to watch her soak and sulk.


The roles are reversed for this video with Rihanna being the one who is leading her man on while secretly cheating on him. You see her go through the motions with him as we get a look at her past with her boyfriend. Something wasn’t there since she can’t stop flirting with her other man and seeing him on the side. It’s a very dramatic video and so good.

“Where Have You Been”

In another video with water, Rihanna swims in a pool of water in the wilderness and when she comes out she looks like a mermaid goddess. She is then spotted in the desert and starts dancing with natives of the land. The routine is amazing and it makes us want to get up and dance every time we see it.

“Needed Me”

The video for “Needed Me” shows Rihanna as a serious player in the seedy world of guns and drugs. She plays a total badass in the video as she comes into a strip club with a gun in hand and kills someone who has wronged her.

“B**ch Better Have My Money”

This video is very long, but boy does it tell a story. It starts with a blonde lady putting on her makeup in a penthouse as Rihanna drives up with a giant trunk. Moments later the two step into the same elevator and when the door opens up only Rihanna and a heavier trunk remain. She kidnaps the woman in order to get money for her safe return. She then lives a life of luxury with her friends in between knocking her out and moving her to new locations waiting on the husband to give her money. He doesn’t and therefore he pays the ultimate price!

“Hate That I Love You” feat. Ne-Yo

Rihanna lays around her house as she looks at her phone hoping her love will call, but he doesn’t. As she spends the day in her house, Ne-Yo walks around thinking about his love as well. The two singers eventually run into each other in the elevator and just pass by one other which is confusing, but all of a sudden you see they weren’t waiting for each other, instead they had other people on their minds.

“Umbrella” feat. Jay-Z

If you haven’t seen this video are you even a true RiRi fan? “Umbrella” features one of the artist’s most iconic music video outfits (a sexy black latex bodysuit) and her memorable dance sequence. She goes on point, grabs a black umbrella and shows off all of her dance skills as glitter pours down. It’s the ultimate prop and such a fabulous routine.

“We Found Love” feat. Calvin Harris

“We Found Love” is a tragic love song and the video matches that theme. In between moments of sadness at the end of a romance you see glimpses of a happy couple skateboarding, kissing, and enjoying life throughout this video. It might be a hopeless love, but it was passionate and intense which makes the ending of the video, when they break up, so much more real and sad.


Wearing a dress made out of newspaper articles about her, Rihanna is forced on display during a press conference as she makes a big statement about the media in this strange video. She shows different people’s fetishes in between clips of herself working it in a fun-house room with crazy characters surrounding her. It’s quite a trip watching this video which really does attack the media and literally ties them up with ropes for both pleasure and pain.

“Only Girl (In the World)”

This might not be her best video but as one of her most iconic tracks and earlier videos we can’t help but love it. The whole video is a colorful snapshot of Rihanna’s fun and dreamy life. You see her dance in a field, roll around in flowers and sing out loud through a rose-colored lens and it’s so pretty.

“What’s My Name?”

In another Rihanna and Drake collaboration the two fall in love in the “What’s My Name?” video and it’s so sweet and playful. After meeting at a convenience store, Drake makes a big impression on the singer which leads to images of them falling more and more and love and it’s just such a sweet video.

“Hard” feat. Jeezy

Rihanna as an army sergeant? It doesn’t seem like a nature role for the singer but after watching this video we’d follow her into battle. The Barbados native rocks a few fierce army costumes as she controls her army of men in this video before taking to the desert in a funky black leotard complete with spikes that prove she means business.


Oh hello baby RiRi! “SOS” is one of the singer’s catchiest tracks ever and the video is just too good not to have it on this list. She wears that sexy green dress while dancing outside in a tropical location and shows off her rocking bod before changing into a few more looks and dancing her heart out. It’s so old school Rihanna and it can’t be beat.

Vote for your favorite video now!

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