Happy Anniversary Monica And Chandler: Look Back At Their Friends Romance

Ross and Rachel may be each other’s lobsters, but when it comes to Friends couples, could Monica and Chandler be any cuter too?

May 17 marks the anniversary of Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry‘s characters’ wedding day. The two tied the knot in a two-part episode of the hit ’90s and ’00s NBC comedy show, the first of which aired 18 years ago to this day in 2001.

Monica and Chandler started off, well, friends. He was her brother Ross’ roommate in college and spent Thanksgivings at the siblings’ family home. Love blossomed between Monica and Chandler over the years until they finally acknowledged their feelings for each other and hooked up on the season four finale while visiting London to attend Ross and Emily’s wedding.

See Monica and Chandler’s cutest moments together on Friends:


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