Haters Gonna Hate! Looking Back On The Most Epic Celebrity Clapbacks

Watch out, trolls.

In 2018, celebrities had approximately zero f–ks to hand out when it came to dealing with criticism, delivering so many delicious clapbacks at such rapid speed  that they were almost making Amazon nervous.

Now, you may be asking yourself: self, what exactly is a clapback? Per our friends over at Urban Dictionary, it’s “basically a comeback, most likely pumped with attitude, sass and or shade.”

And stars like Kelly Ripa, Chrissy Teigen, Ariana Grande and more had more than enough attitude, sass and shade to spare when dealing with critics on all forms of social media, proving they can dish it out even better than they can take it. 

And while it was probably pretty embarrassing for the trolls, who must’ve felt like toast seeing how they just kept getting burned, it was downright entertaining for the rest of us. But sometimes, the stars were even trolling themselves, proving laughter truly is the best medicine for a social media burn. 

To close out 2018, we compiled a round-up of the most epic  celebrity clapbacks of the year, with Julia Roberts, Blake Lively, the cast of Riverdale, and yes, some of the Kardashians, making the list…


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