Hoda Kotb And Savannah Guthrie Dish On Their Friendship On And Off Today

You can’t fake chemistry—especially when the clock strikes 7 a.m.

But as morning show viewers know, Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie have developed a friendship on and off the Today show that can’t be denied.

“There are certain things you can’t fake. Have you ever gone to lunch with someone and the first few minutes you go, ‘Yes, yes, yes?’ You don’t know why, you just know yes. That’s part of it. You can’t make it up,” Hoda shared with Parade.

Savannah added, “We trust each other completely and we have each other’s back. We want the best for one another, and it shows.”

Whether it’s handling an exclusive interview, covering breaking news or having some innocent fun on the Today show plaza, these ladies have helped increase NBC’s morning show ratings. And perhaps one of the many secrets to their success is the simple fact that both ladies admire each other’s skills on and off camera.

“When you watch Savannah interview, it looks effortless. Her brain is very quick, so when she’s ready to run out of the gate, it’s like watching a symphony,” Hoda shared about her co-host. “One of my favorite traits in someone is a person who’s awesome but doesn’t all the way know it. I think that’s a big part of Savannah.”

As for Savannah, she thinks her co-worker has personality traits that makes any guest feel instantly comfortable.

“Hoda’s the most genuinely curious person I’ve ever met. She asks questions and people spill their guts. That’s why she gets such great interviews,” Savannah explained. “They instinctively know Hoda is good; she’s earnest, she comes in peace, she’s thoughtful, she’s smart, she’s sensitive. Who wouldn’t want to sit across from her and tell her something—even if it’s a really hard thing?”

And when the morning turns into afternoon and each show is over for the day, don’t expect these two to stay too far away from each other.

“All I want to do is send Hoda pictures of my kids, and all she wants to do is send me pictures of Haley, so it’s fair,” Savannah joked. “It’s a total safe zone.”

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