Hulu’s Veronica Mars Revival: What We Know About Kristen Bell’s Return To Neptune

Veronica Mars will never leave you. The beloved three-season series that came back on the big screen thanks to a partially fan-funded flick is returning to its TV roots with an eight-episode limited series on Hulu. Kristen Bell is back as the titular private detective with series creator Rob Thomas penning the new adventures of the snarky sleuth.

Plans for a second Veronica Mars revival (we consider the movie the first one) have been in the works for some time, with both Thomas and Bell voicing their desire to return to the character, specifically as a limited TV series. Bell currently stars in NBC’s The Good Place and Thomas is shepherding iZombie‘s final season on The CW.

So, where do we find Veronica Mars when she returns to Hulu? A lot of details are already out about the new series. Let’s break it down, Neptune style.

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