‘Insatiable’ Feeds Appetite For Juicy, Southern-fried Soap

The sexual shenanigans unfold against a backdrop of Southern morality and bible-thumping, offering a not-so-subtle commentary about rampant hypocrisy among those who occupy the pews. Think “Chrisley Knows Best” meets “Real Housewives,” only with better writing.
Perhaps foremost, “Insatiable” feels like one of those shows that validates Netflix’s let’s-throw-a-lot-of-stuff-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks strategy. While that produces its share of misfires, in this case it yields a show without a particularly high concept or big-name stars (Alyssa Milano plays a supporting role as Bob’s wife, who, not surprisingly, has her own secret crush) that delivers simply by virtue of its execution.
“Insatiable” won’t be for everybody, but thanks to Netflix’s business model, it doesn’t have to be. For those with a taste for its salty pleasures, the first gulp of this juicy, Southern-fried dramedy should be enough to leave them craving more.
“Insatiable” premieres Aug. 10 on Netflix.

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