Is Shawn Mendes Ready To Shed His Squeaky Clean Image? “I Just Need A Few Years!”

Shawn Mendes is coming clean!

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter is featured on not one, but two, covers for Wonderland magazine’s summer issue, where he’s opening up about his struggle with anxiety, newly-released third studio album and the pressure of maintaining his squeaky clean image throughout his ride to the top.

So how has the ultra-talented musician found a way to remain pop’s golden boy? 

“I think I’ve been really lucky to have a good foundation of people around me… I’m just a normal person and nobody talks me up too much,” he explains. “Support is there when you need it, but not when it’s not needed. I think it’s really important to keep your feet on the ground. You never know though, give it a couple more years and you might be taking back everything you just said.”  

While he hasn’t lost his footing just yet, Mendes says his rebellious side may come out in the future.

“I mean, I haven’t had a chance,” he jokes. “I just need a few years! Don’t jinx me!”

The Canadian native also offers deeper insight into his decision to disclose his anxiety issues on the new album. 

“It was absolutely terrifying, I was thinking, what if people say, ‘Why is he making sad songs? We like his songs about love.’ I was terrified, then I realized it’s not about that,” he shares with Wonderland. “The day after it came out, I started getting messages from fans, friends and family about how important it was to them. You know, I couldn’t be happier.”

Mendes takes his responsibility as a role model to his millions of fans seriously, adding, “I wish you could be me for a couple of hours. You never truly understand the magnitude of the people you’re affecting when you write something online

“I don’t think that ever clicks with you because it’s impossible to picture talking to 30 million people. That’s being said, I do think about it. I don’t post dumb shit online and I process that social media is littered with negative stuff. If I’m going to add to it, I’m going to make it positive. That’s my rule,” Shawn remarks.

Read Shawn’s entire interview with Wonderland when it hits newsstands this Friday. 


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