‘Jack Ryan’ Revives Hero

Following in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine’s more recent junior-edition portrayal, Krasinski comes armed with a helpful vulnerability honed during his “The Office” days, as well as recent hit credentials from the movie “A Quiet Place.” One of the nice things about Ryan has always been that he’s a reluctant hero, not another Bond or Bourne, a persona that Krasinski admirably conveys.
Still, those attributes — and the star’s innate appeal — can’t fully liberate “Jack Ryan” from the nagging sense the show represents a once-over-lightly version of this well-trodden material, intended to give a lift to Amazon’s streaming service by trading off a well-known literary/screen name.
There is, obviously, a lot of that particular program-development strategy going around these days, and Amazon has already given the show a vote of confidence by ordering a second season. But despite the worthwhile elements that “Jack Ryan” possesses, the whole thing feels a bit too much like a sheep in wolf’s clothing.
“Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” premieres Aug. 31″ on Amazon.

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