James Cameron Brings Star Power To ‘Story Of Science Fiction’

There’s also a bit of a mutual-admiration society, such as Cameron telling Lucas he always liked science fiction where the world looked “lived in,” adding that Lucas “took it to a new level” with the rusted, scarred machines in “Star Wars.”
To their credit, the producers do make an effort to acknowledge contributions like those of “Alien” designer H.R. Giger, and the movie clips are bountiful and well curated.
Beyond cashing in on Cameron’s name, this “Story of Science Fiction” recognizes the ascendance of sci-fi and fantasy, heading into another summer destined to be dominated by such fare at the box office.
Spielberg notes that the best sci-fi concepts are “cautionary tales,” and Cameron concludes his chat with Lucas — who believes people will eventually have to colonize space — by dubbing it “an amazing brain jam.”
There’s a bit of vision in that to be sure, but at least as much hyperbole. Still, even without the benefit of time travel, fans should enjoy this trip into the way-back machine, offering the kind of jam to which those with a fondness for the genre can happily hum along.
“James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction” premieres April 30 at 10 p.m. on AMC.

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