Jason Momoa Says Hosting ‘SNL’ Is A Dream Come True

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Although Momoa has had a string of recent successes, he said he’s just happy to be employed.
“It feels good [to have work],” Momoa explained. “I want it to stay that way. It’s always scary, because actors, we’re always kind of unemployed, at any moment something could fall through.”
While “Aquaman” is set in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, Momoa wasn’t required to film any scenes underwater.
“There’s no way you can do this underwater,” Momoa explained. “Not at all. Look, we’re wet, they spray you down, so you’re wet half of the film. The dry from wet sequences, it’s all CGI.”
A native of Hawaii, Momoa explained his approach to the adventure he’s currently on.
    “I know it’s probably cheesy, but I do try to ‘live Aloha.'” he said. “I think we pass so many people in our lives, I try just to be nice, give a little bit of my heart if I can and try to be honest about that.”
    “Aquaman” crashes into theaters December 21.

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