‘Kim Possible’ Kicks Off Disney Live-action Adaptation Parade

For Disney, the live-action movies serve multiple purposes, driving merchandise and helping to promote other properties. In “Kim’s” case, the immediate beneficiary is “Fast Layne,” a new eight-part series about a 12-year-old girl who discovers a talking car named “VIN,” which will be previewed after the movie.
Nevertheless, there’s always some risked baked into these seemingly can’t-miss projects, which involve reintroducing characters to new generations of young fans. While that’s especially true with “Dumbo” or “Aladdin,” it’s also an issue for something like “Kim Possible,” inasmuch as some kids who watched the show when it premiered are parents themselves now.
At the “Kim Possible” premiere on Feb. 12, Disney Channels Worldwide president/chief creative officer Gary Marsh said a movie about an empowered teenage girl feels “just right for our times right now.”
    Will that formula translate into the sort of success the network has enjoyed with “Descendants” as well as the “High School Musical” and “Teen Beach Movie” movies? It certainly seems, well, possible.
    “Kim Possible” premieres Feb. 15 at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel.

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