Kristin Cavallari Gets Real With Her Employees And Her Husband In Very Cavallari Season One Supertease

If there’s one thing Kristin Cavallari knows how to do, it’s keep it real. 

In this supertease for her new E! series Very Cavallari, which premieres Sunday, July 8 at 10 p.m., the reality star turned business mogul gets real with her Uncommon James employees and her husband, former NFL star Jay Cutler.

“This is a really big deal for me,” Kristin stresses. “So I hired more girls to help out.” 

But sometimes, more help means more problems.

“I hired everybody to make my life easier, and I feel like it’s just creating more and more problems for me,” and emotional Kristin admits.

When it comes to her husband of five years, things are a little more calm.

“Jay is a different breed. Writing me love emails and love letters. I don’t know what happened,” Kristin jokes.

She’s got more than a few balls in the air, but can she balance a big move, her family and a burgeoning business?

See all the very real moments coming to Very Cavallari Sunday, July 8!


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