Kristoff St. John’s Ex-wife Reveals His Final Words To Her

Mia St. John said her ex called her before his death, depressed and drinking.
Kristoff St. John, she said, was disoriented, saying things like, “He didn’t want to be here anymore,” and claiming he could see their late son.
“He said, ‘Julian is at the door I gotta get the door,'” she said. “(He) said, ‘OK, let’s talk to Julian, bring Julian in.’ Julian came in and he said, ‘Julian is gonna take me for a walk now,’ and I said, ‘No you aren’t going for a walk right now.'”
Mia St. John said paramedics were unable to revive her ex-husband after they found him. She later realized he had sent her a text, she said.
“He said, ‘Understand, you’ve got to live in the present observe all the good things in your life and others around you. Julian would not want you to live your life with bitterness and upset, it eats away with you and drains your life slowly but surely. You must rise to the occasion and accept the beauty around you. I believe in you,'” she told ET.
    Mia St. John said she now takes solace in the fact that the man she was married to from 1991 to 1995 had that vision of their son.
    “When he told me that Julian came to the door and I knew that my son came and took him home,” she said. “And that was my only comfort.”


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