Matt Groening’s ‘Disenchantment’ Can’t Cast Much Of A Spell

The overall tone, in fact, plays like little more than a slightly watered-down version of something like “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” irreverently spoofing its genre, when irreverence is one of TV animation’s most abundant, bordering-on-saturated commodities.
Netflix has earned a reputation of tapping big creative names — including those associated with more traditional network fare, like Groening and “The Big Bang Theory’s” Chuck Lorre — and theoretically unleashing them, essentially offering the latitude to do whatever they want. After working under the guidelines of network TV, it’s understandable that talent would want to operate in a sphere without arbitrary rules, from the length of episodes to more restrictive content standards.
That’s certainly a marketable concept — just in terms of billing the show as being “from the creator of ‘The Simpsons'” — but as is so often the case with such exercises, the pitch for “Disenchantment” probably looked and sounded considerably more enchanting on the drawing board.
“Disenchantment” premieres Aug. 17 on Netflix.


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