Michael Douglas Ages Grudgingly In ‘The Kominsky Method’

Produced by Lorre (who also directed the premiere) with Al Higgins and David Javerbaum, nothing here is especially new. But much like Netflix’s other over-the-hill comedy, “Grace and Frankie,” it’s an amusing look at aging grudgingly, not gracefully — more about the talent and situations than the premise. As a bonus, addressing a time of life given short shrift by youth-obsessed media creates the opportunity for cameos and smaller roles by the likes of Susan Sullivan and Ann-Margret.)
The series also incorporates a number of very insider-ish jokes that will play best among Angelenos in the 310 area code, like a Hollywood-friendly restaurant where the waiters are so old it’s a dice roll if the food’s ever going to reach the table.
    There are some sweeter, more melancholy scenes among the laughs, which arrive consistently enough to make “The Kominsky Method” feel like a significant improvement over Lorre’s first single-camera Netflix comedy, the Kathy Bates vehicle “Disjointed.” And happily, it doesn’t require lying — or even sugarcoating — to say so.
    “The Kominsky Method” premieres Nov. 16 on Netflix.

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