Netflix Show Accused Of Islamophobia By Hasan Minhaj

He adds: “It’s so good, you almost forget about the Islamophobia.”
“Bodyguard” is a six-part British series starring Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes.
It debuted on the BBC in August and became available to American audiences via Netflix roughly a month after its conclusion.
Creator Jed Mercurio has previously defended “Bodyguard” against accusations of Islamophobia, urging people to conclude the series before making judgments.
“The other thing is, unfortunately, the reality of our situation is that the principal terror threats in the UK do originate from Islamist sympathizers,” Mercurio says in an interview with the Independent. “I do understand that’s different from the religion of Islam, but it’s the reality of who the perpetrators are of the majority of the offenses. If the show were set in the recent British past, the attackers might be Irish republicans.”
    The “Bodyguard” is streaming now on Netflix.
    New episodes of “Patriot Act” are released on Sundays.


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