Nicole Kidman In ‘Destroyer’ Mostly Just Kills Time

Although there are some good actors around her — including Sebastian Stan as her one-time partner, and Bradley Whitford as a sleazy lawyer living in a beachfront mansion who crosses her path as she embarks on the new investigation — this is strictly Kidman’s show, for better or worse.
Alas, the novelty of seeing her in this setting, coupled with the slow-unfolding mystery, don’t provide enough incentive to recommend a movie that generally pales alongside better forays into this genre, and which is presented in such a sullen, straightforward fashion as to bring nothing particularly new or interesting to the well-populated world of L.A. noir.
The handling of the movie — from its preview at the Telluride Film Festival to its late-December release — suggests that the producers were hoping for awards recognition, and the Golden Globes, historically a starry-eyed affair, dutifully obliged with a nod to Kidman.
    The actress has certainly enjoyed a strong and eclectic run of late — including her work in the HBO miniseries “Big Little Lies” — but the only thing “Destroyer” is likely to kill is about two hours of your time.
    “Destroyer” premieres Dec. 25 in the US. It’s rated R.


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