Oprah Winfrey Pays Tribute To Her Late Mother

At the age of 6, Winfrey joined her mother and half-siblings, Jeffrey and Patricia, in Milwaukee. She moved to live with her father in Tennessee at age 14.
In 2011, Winfrey revealed on her show that her mother had placed a daughter, also named Patricia, for adoption at birth.
“For the most part, my life has been an open book,” Winfrey said at the time. “I thought nothing could surprise me, but I was wrong.”
Lee and the daughter she placed for adoption, Patricia Amanda Faye Lee, later reunited.
    In an interview with a Milwaukee television station in 2007, Lee spoke with pride about Winfrey’s accomplishments and the love she showed to others through her talk show.
    Private funeral services have already been held, according to the family.

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