Oscars Eye History After Chaotic Run Up To Awards

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has endured a series of controversies, beginning with the proposal to introduce a “popular film” category. That idea was quickly scuttled, as was a subsequent plan to move four awards into the commercial breaks to help streamline the ceremony, which prompted a rebellion from Academy members.
In between, Kevin Hart was chosen to host the awards, before the resurfacing of homophobic social-media posts prompted the comic to withdraw. After a period of confusion, it was finally confirmed the awards would be mounted without a host, the first time that’s happened in 30 years.
    Much of the tumult surrounding the 91st annual Oscars can be traced back to last year’s awards — and more specifically, a precipitous ratings decline, falling to an all-time low. Shortening the ceremony to three hours, or close to it, has been among the solutions that host network ABC has advocated as a means of stopping the bleeding from a Nielsen standpoint.
    ABC and the Academy remained secretive about most of the elements in advance of this year’s show, which only added — fairly or not — to a sense of chaos behind the scenes.

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