Oscars Fumble Host Test In Wake Of Kevin Hart’s Exit

According to Variety, a host-free Oscars is now looking likely, barring the enlistment of an A-list name at what amounts to the last minute.
Operating without a single host, incidentally, seems like a perfectly reasonable approach. If you think about it, the Golden Globes did essentially that with the unlikely pairing of Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, who largely disappeared — as hosts often do — after opening the festivities, which relied on acceptance speeches and tributes to carry the night.
    Eliminating some of the obligatory host shtick would also assist in producing a shorter telecast — one closer to three hours than four — which was among ABC’s goals in an effort to improve the ratings. With the awards scheduled for Feb. 24, delaying much longer on any of these decisions becomes increasingly problematic, and will only serve to make the choices made appear more desperate.
    Ultimately, there’s no polite way to say it: The Oscars have taken the industry’s biggest, most glamorous event — Hollywood’s designated night to shine — and managed to make themselves look like a teenager without a date a few weeks before prom.

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