‘Ozark’ Descends Further Into Darkness In Grim Second Season

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Linney remains his match, with even juicier character beats this season. The contours of their marriage — initially defined by her infidelity, and his emotional distance — continue to evolve, so much so when she confides that someone made an indecent proposal to her related to their financial endeavors, Marty’s first reaction is to contemplate whether complying might be worth it, depending on the offer.
The cast elevates the material, with meaty wrinkles for Jordana Spiro and Julia Garner as two of the locals drawn deeper and deeper into Marty’s orbit. Harris Yulin is also a kick as their crusty but loyal neighbor with his own complicated past.
Too much about “Ozark” echoes previous shows to give it any hint of freshness (thanks to the tone and setting, it’s a mash-up of “Justified” and “Breaking Bad”); still, the writing is generally inventive about concocting wrinkles throughout an even-darker season that steadily advances the story — in a manner suited to a greedy Labor Day weekend binge — while laying plenty of groundwork for a third.
All told, that makes “Ozark” the kind of franchise that Marty would likely embrace — the sort of addition to Netflix’s vast portfolio that provides discerning viewers a solid return on investment.
“Ozark” premieres Aug. 31 on Netflix.

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