R. Kelly’s Attorney Slams Judge’s Curfew Ruling

Greenberg said Kelly will be moving out of the studio.
Last month, Kelly risked eviction from the same Chicago studio because of more than $166,000 in unpaid rent.
Court documents show an eviction order signed by a judge in January said Kelly must move out on or before January 21. The process of eviction began in July 2018 when the landlord, Midwest Commercial Funding LLC, said Kelly defaulted on the lease by initially failing to pay rent of more than $79,000. The back rent kept piling up and finally a judge signed off on an eviction.
The singer also is facing a new allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor.
    Attorney Michael Avenatti announced last week that he had handed over to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office a videotape that he says shows Kelly engaging in sex acts with an underage girl.
    A grand jury has been convened in Cook County, Illinois, in connection with the new allegation, according to two sources close to the case.

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