‘Rampage’ Cooks Up Generic Monster Mash

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The last significant piece of the puzzle is Harvey, a government operative played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who does what he can to bring sly Southern charm to this pretty stock role, which otherwise involves simply trading juvenile insults with Johnson. Unfortunately, Davis has roughly the same relationship with George before he hulks out, and the truth is the movie is a whole lot more interested in its CGI characters than its flesh-and-blood ones, not unlike the currently-in-release “Pacific Rim Uprising.”
“Rampage” does hum along at a reasonably brisk pace from crisis to crisis, and the climactic encounter is loud, destructive and moderately exciting, providing that one’s brain is pretty much packed away by then.
For Johnson, it’s all part of a formula, albeit more generic (the origins notwithstanding) than some of his big-screen adventures. And the news — good or bad, depending on one’s viewpoint — is that if you don’t like this one, his next action vehicle, “Skyscraper,” will open in July — a schedule that’s become predictable in more ways than one.
“Rampage” premieres April 13 in the U.S. It’s rated PG-13.

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