Robert Redford Provides Ammo For ‘The Old Man And The Gun’

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Perhaps foremost, “The Old Man” is notable — beyond the sentimentality associated with Redford’s original announcement — for the audacity of building a movie around a septuagenarian criminal at all. Then again, the hunger for content has dealt a few well-deserved blows to Hollywood’s entrenched ageism habit, if only because movie stars don’t grow on trees.
    It’s difficult to argue that “The Old Man and the Gun” amounts to Redford going out in a blaze of glory, given what an understated, slow-moving exercise the movie is. But to borrow that cowboy analogy, if the actor, producer and activist had to pick something upon which to hang up his spurs or ride into the sunset, he easily could have selected a worse horse than this one.
    “The Old Man and the Gun” premieres Sept. 28 in the U.S. It’s rated PG-13.


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