Sarah Jessica Parker Slams Tabloid Over Speculating Her Marriage Is In Trouble

Parker went on to explain why she decided to share the purported email.
“After much thought I have decided to share a typical letter of ‘inquiry’ from these people. As if the truth, a response or any comments from me or my publicist had any bearing on what they threaten to ‘report.’ Hey National Enquirer and your sister publications, why not celebrate a marriage of 22 years and relationship of 27 years? Because, despite your endless harassment and wasted ink, we are nearing 3 decades of love, commitment, respect, family and home. There’s your “scoop” From a “reliable source.”
CNN has reached out to the National Enquirer for comment.
    Parker hitting back at the tabloid comes just three months after Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos accused the then-publisher of the outlet of trying to extort him.
    American Media Inc., the former parent company of the Enquirer, has been accused of helping President Donald Trump with his election by using “catch and kill” tactics in an effort to keep negative stories about him from being published.


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