Shannon Purser Comes Out A Winner In ‘Sierra Burgess Is A Loser’

Still, there’s something highly durable about the insecurity that drove Cyrano, and now Sierra, to hide behind another person’s more conventionally pleasing visage, and Purser brings both innate likability and real vulnerability to a role that captures the sensitivity associated with those confusing teen years.
“Sierra Burgess” adds a few clever twists, including the casting of the (relatively minor) adult roles, among them Lea Thompson, Alan Ruck and Chrissy Metz.
This being a romantic comedy, it gives little away to note that most everyone will end up better off, after an appropriate amount of angst and tears.
At one point Jamey asks Sierra — again, still thinking she’s Veronica — if she has “any dark secrets I should know about.” It’s no secret why Netflix has made romantic comedies and teen-oriented programming key components of its evolving movie strategy, reflecting the service’s demographic calculation to keep subscribers happy by catering to different constituencies.
These movies aren’t intended to break any new ground — indeed, the whole point is to recycle an old genre. But graded strictly based on that modest curve, “Sierra Burgess” is a winner.
“Sierra Burgess is a Loser” premieres Sept. 7 on Netflix.


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