‘Smallfoot’ Takes Animated Steps In The Right Direction

Disney and Pixar’s success can make conjuring animated blockbusters look easier than it is, but in truth, it’s no small feat. Some of the jokes here, for example, are uneven, as the humor ranges from lines apt to fly over the kids’ heads to below-the-belt gags they’ll love, like the Yeti thinking toilet paper is a sacred scroll.
Ultimately, though, “Smallfoot” has its heart in the right place, and mostly works — managing to convey a pretty thoughtful lesson about tolerance, division and learning to see from the perspective of others within the loud, colorful, computer-rendered trappings of the genre.
Granted, the playing field in animation can sometimes look like Disney and the seven dwarfs for other studios yapping at its heels. Warner Bros., however (like CNN, a unit of WarnerMedia), has enjoyed its share of successes, including “The LEGO Movie,” whose directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, are among the producers here.
    With “Smallfoot,” the studio has taken another step — size still to be determined — in the right direction.
    “Smallfoot” opens Sept. 28 in the U.S. It’s rated PG.

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