‘SNL’ Has De Niro’s Robert Mueller Say Goodbye To ‘Jeff Sessions’

The “SNL” version of Sessions, who in real life was fired by President Trump earlier this week, then said goodbye to more of his friends from the Trump administration. First up was Vice President Mike Pence, played by Beck Bennett, followed by Eric and Donald Trump Jr., played by Alex Moffat and Mikey Day.
“I think I’ll miss my colleagues at the Justice Department the most, and all the talk around the water cooler. Speaking of which,” McKinnon’s Sessions said before sipping water out of a gerbil water bottle.
Sessions then sang an Adele song while holding a photo of Alec Baldwin’s Trump.
Yet, “SNL” saved the biggest and most surprising goodbye for last when De Niro’s Mueller showed up to Sessions’ office.
'SNL' skewers Fox News' coverage of the migrant march

'SNL' skewers Fox News' coverage of the migrant march

‘SNL’ skewers Fox News’ coverage of the migrant march
“Oh Lord, like they say, you can’t arrest me, I quit,” McKinnon as Sessions said to De Niro’s Mueller.
“Relax, Jeff, I just came to say thanks for all your help with the [Russian] investigation,” De Niro’s Mueller said.
This led to McKinnon’s Sessions asking what he did to help.
    “More than you’ll ever know,” De Niro’s Mueller responded.
    This led to McKinnon’s Sessions and De Niro’s Mueller singing more Adele before saying the show’s famed catch phrase, “Live! From New York! It’s Saturday night!”

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